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If you are ready to start new, healthier habits and empower yourself, I can help you set realistic fitness and wellbeing goals.​

I will guide you towards lifestyle and exercise choices that will transform your life and body and make you feel good.​

I will design and deliver a bespoke plan, tailored to your needs that will empower you and help you create balance.

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Yoga boosts emotional health and relieves stress. I can show you how breathing techniques associated with yoga help relax the muscles in different parts of our lungs and improve the quality of breath. By practising yoga, we undo the effects of sitting all day as we get the whole body moving in alignment that supports stability in the joints and flexibility in muscles.

As a university graduate and trained fitness professional, I can create scientifically proven fitness programs tailored to suit your needs. I will teach you how to perform exercises with correct form and technique to meet your individual fitness goals. So take a look at the many options when it comes to choosing the right package for you to make improvements in your physical and mental health..

  • Yoga for one

  • Yoga for two

  • Yoga for a group

  • Corporate yoga

  • Yoga for the little one

  • Family yoga

  • Yoga in school

  • Community yoga

  • Workout for one

  • Workout for two

  • Express workout

  • Corporate workout

  • Workout for a group

  • Workout for the little one

  • Workout for the family

  • Community workout

  • Meditation for one

  • Corporate meditation

  • Group meditation

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