Wellbeing products

wellbeing products

Please take a look at the content I have created for you.

Here you will find different products that can help you lead independent, fulfilling lives.

I have created these products having the human wellbeing at heart. If you need a product

but cannot afford it, please get in touch with me.

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The Ego


In this webinar you will find out what the ego is
and how you can heal it.

How to deal with difficult emotions


Learn what you can do to deal with difficult emotions
in my latest webinar.

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WAP it!


This four-page document will help you write your own WAP (Wellbeing Action Plan) so that you can use it to lift your spirit

when you're feeling low by applying
your own coping strategies and ideas.

Mental health tips for teens


Katerina and Anastasia give teenagers simple tips
on mental health.


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