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The art of meditation

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Until recently, I was unable to understand or practice meditation. There had to be a pandemic for me to start this journey. During the first half of 2020 when we were asked to stay home for a few months, I dipped my toe into meditation. Initially, I joined the mini guided meditations of one of my favourite yoga teachers and inspirational humans, Kirsty Raynor. They were a few minutes long and Kirsty was able to guide me with her words softly while I was focusing on my breath.

I found I quite liked it and it left me with a relaxing sensation after but I had trouble staying consistent and practise regularly. My mind was running with a hundred miles an hour, as you would expect. I was trying to find stillness but I couldn't maintain it for long so very often I used to give up after the first couple of minutes.

Fast forward to autumn, I tried a 5-day meditation challenge with The House of Yoga, the studio I am doing my yoga teacher training with. It was then when I realised I don't have to empty my mind, I just need to cleanse it. I accepted that it was ok for my mind to drift off and for me to bring my focus back to my breath.

You see, meditation is connecting to your breath and staying present. As simple as that. Staying aware of your breath helps you get rid of any self judgement and embrace yourself as you are.

You may be thinking things like 'meditation is not for me', 'I can't stay still', 'there's too much in my head', 'I am too busy' and so on. And guess what, I've said all that before you! Oh yes, I've already used these excuses myself quite a few times before.

The key is to insist and commit. Having a regular meditation practice, even for a few minutes a day, will allow you to sit quietly with your eyes closed and observe your thoughts. So schedule it in, get comfortable, close your eyes, start breathing consciously and get rid of the mental chatter. It will make such a difference in your life.

I am now meditating myself every day and I am also teaching guided meditation. I find it really rewarding when I watch others meditating under my guidance as I know this few minutes can have a massive positive impact on their mood, perspective and behaviour.

Let me know how you are getting on with your meditation practice and if you want my help.

Enjoy the week ahead! P.S. You can try The House of Yoga's 5-day meditation challenge for free here,

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