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Know your worth

A few days ago, I was paying at the self-checkout in the supermarket when I heard a customer shouting really loudly ‘Mate, come here!’ so I turned around to see what that was about. The customer was talking to a supermarket employee. He called him ‘mate’ and almost ordered him to go and help him. I guess nobody taught him that we call a man ‘sir’ when we address him as it’s common courtesy. And if someone did teach him, he must have forgotten it.

People that are professionals and are providing services are certainly not our mates. They are there doing their job and always should be treated with respect. Think of a time when you were working and you found yourself in a similar situation. And I don’t mean a customer calling you mate, I mean when a customer or colleague disrespected you and thought it was normal.

Let me tell you now, it’s not. Even if said colleague was a ‘superior’. The latest trend dictates that we talk and behave more like animals and less than civilised human beings and that is considered modern and hip. Unfortunately, being online all the time contributes to some people losing the plot and forgetting the basics. Politeness, common sense and the occasional smile.

There are a couple of things you can do in situations where you are being blatantly disrespected in the workplace or elsewhere. First of all, do take it personally. If someone is addressing you in a not so polite way, make sure they know who they’re talking to. ‘Are you talking to me, sir/madam/miss? I don’t believe we are mates but I will certainly help you if I can’. Say what?

Secondly, keep your cool. Whatever you might be thinking about saying or doing in the heat of the moment, don’t. It is definitely not worth it in the long term, unlike your existence. Take a deep breath or five and approach the situation assertively and confidently. Remember, you are trying to make it better, not worse.

Last, but not least, keep doing that every time you find yourself in a similar situation. Do not let rudeness and ignorance win not even a single battle. Practice the same confident attitude every time your integrity or status is in question. It is not about winning as such but about educating and showing others there is another way, a better way of dealing with fellow human beings.

Knowing your worth is how you will show it to others too. You can make them acknowledge your worth by uplifting it and celebrating it every single time. By respecting yourself, you invite others to respect you mindfully and show them there is a way of aligning with each other.


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