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Let go

Now that the summer has finished, I have a hard time letting go of it. I am a huge fan of the summer and, although hot weather makes me sweat a lot, I love feeling the heat on my face and enjoying the outdoors, especially the beach, every day. Of course, here in Crete we currently have 26 degrees so I have a little extension of summer much to my pleasure.

Thinking about the past and reflecting on it, I sometimes had a very hard time letting things, people and situations go. I used to beat myself up by trying too much to make things work when it was evident that I needed to move on. I have spent days crying over what I considered a failure and was refusing to get on with my life.

If you ask me if things are different now, I will honestly say they very much are. I have done a lot of self growth, coaching and have held long discussions with experts about what was holding me back. The process was not easy, it took determination and continuous work on myself but I am now at such a good place where I do not need to hold on to something that has ended or is no longer serving me.

Letting go is like a sunset...

Has yoga played a part in this? Absolutely! The fifth Yama in the 8-limb path is Aparigraha, which means practising non attachment in life. This teaching is basically suggesting we take what we need and keep only what serves us in the moment. We don’t need to obsessively worry about things that don’t really matter and become attached to a feeling; instead we need to learn to let go when the time is right.

Of course it takes time to let go and it is completely human to become attached to a feeling or experience, especially if they are positive ones. We can allow the moment to be what it is without hanging on to it or pushing it away. The outcome of a situation should never concern us, instead the only thing that should concern us is what we’re doing right now while we’re working towards that outcome.

There’s freedom in allowing things to come and go and not relying on external factors to bring us joy. Change is inevitable as you know, so we can grab the opportunity to experience everything life has to offer and live in the now and not in the ‘what could or should have been’. Inspire forgiveness in others and yourself and just let go.


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