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Practical ways to reduce stress

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Stress isn't always bad. There's good stress too, the one that makes you productive when you're trying to achieve a goal. Bad stress is the one we want to avoid, this is the stress that makes you feel overly anxious because you may think you can't cope. But how can we do that? Let's look at some practical ideas that can help.

Create routines. Now more than ever is important to create habits and routines that will help you keep control of your actions.

Share problems. When you share your problems, you're one step closer to a solution. So make sure you offload before it becomes too much.

Dance. Put on your favourite music and dance to the rhythm. Your mood will change instantly.

Have meaningful conversations. Talking about the weather is such a cliche so try and go deeper and bring some quality into your discussions.

Get a good night's sleep. Easier said than done, right? Read a book instead of being on your phone and try not to have screen time for at least one hour before bed time.

Keep in touch with loved ones. Make sure you talk to family and friends and allow time to listen and offer advice but don't take on other people's problems.

Meditate. Don't forget to connect to your breath for a few minutes daily, as it helps you focus on the present and get rid of the mental chatter.

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P.S. You can watch my YouTube video 'Mental health tips for teens' for more ideas here.

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