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From dark to spark

Have you ever considered how much energy you spend on others? This could be in a matter of hours per day, weeks or even years. The more of your precious energy you spend on someone who isn't reciprocating, the more you deprive yourself of the possibility of connecting meaningfully with someone else.

One of the most difficult things you need to do is let go of the people who are not ready to be part of your tribe and show you love. And by love, I mean be your friend, support you, cry with you, be your companion and cheer on your successes. Not everybody is ready to follow your lead or walk beside you and unfortunately there's not much you can do about it.

My instinct is to do everything in my power to help my fellow humans. This is innate, it's an impulse that demands not only energy, but also effort and time. I show up ready and eager to give my knowledge, attention and comfort to the ones around me that need it. It undoubtedly makes me feel valued and it gives me a sense of purpose.

That's why the disappointment is even greater when the truth hits me: I am not for everybody and not everybody is for me. Having difficult conversations with people outside of my frequency is a waste of my time. One will only change and understand when they are ready to do so themselves.

Energy management has a positive impact on improving your wellbeing.

A great deal has been written about how to keep our energy full but there are not enough discussions about how to use the energy we have. Where should you direct your existing energy so that you don't feel deflated? Here are four things you can do to be intentional about where you put your energy:

1. Notice more. Where is your energy going on a daily or weekly basis? You could be spending way too much time on your phone, Netflix or answering emails and not enough on conversations, reading books or taking walks.

2. Bring value. Occupy yourself with productive tasks that bring value to your life. Start making smart decisions about using your energy and take it step by step.

3. Schedule meaningful tasks. If you fill your life with things that bring you joy and value, there will be no time left to spend on energy-stealing things or people.

4. Think and do less. Decide that every day will be good and don't overthink. Keep it simple and enjoyable as much as you can.

Stop wasting your energy on people and things that are not worth it. The change will bring you love, self-worth and joy, placing you where you belong in your life. Think if the solution to this problem is to do less instead of more.


If you want to start making long lasting changes now to improve your mental and physical health but don't know how, book a free no-obligation chat here and let me help you figure it out!

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