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What do you do for you?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

My goal is not to confuse you, quite the contrary. Read the title again. What do you do, for you? What do you really do? Do you take time for yourself, away from prying eyes and judgemental looks? What do you enjoy doing? Are you relaxing in your pyjamas or dancing to 80's music? (guilty!)

Lately, we keep hearing about 'self care Sunday'. I can explain what that means: it simply means to take care of yourself on Sunday, to use this day to restore and regroup, perhaps relax and do things that please you.

I will take it further and ask - why do we only need to take care of ourselves on a Sunday? The answer is, we don't! We can take care of ourselves when we need to, when our body or our soul is telling us it needs looking after. But we need to be able to recognise the signals.

Nobody's stopping you from having a glass of vino or your favourite dessert on a weekday. Imagine that! You can put your feet up when you come home from work and listen to your favourite podcast. Breakthrough!

As for the usual phrases that we use such as 'I have a ton of things to do', 'I need to cook', 'I have to do the laundry' and so on, these are excuses that are keeping us from enjoying the small things in life.

So let's step away from cliches like 'self care Sunday' and embrace self care life! Caring about yourself should never stop no matter what so start doing things about you and you alone. It may sound selfish but keeping yourself content will make others around you feel the same.

It's absolutely fine if you make self care your life's mantra, if you live by it and practice it every day. And talking about cliches, I will throw this one at you, that life is too short, so grab it by the hair and start enjoying it. Right now.

Feel free to contact me if you want to get in touch!

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22 sept 2021

Great post thankyou

Me gusta
22 sept 2021
Contestando a

I am glad you liked it Tania.

Me gusta
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