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Taking yoga off the mat Part 2

In our modern world of deception and fake news, it has become so very rare to find honesty. The third Yama, Asteya, represents honesty in the broader sense of non-stealing and staying true to ourselves and this is what I'll talk about in this blog.

Practising Asteya means we stay authentic and have nothing to hide. Ghandi made 'non-stealing' part of his '11 Vows' as he saw the importance of expanding this beyond the physical act of stealing. Stealing suggests there's lack of faith in ourselves to create authenticity which urges us to steal someone else's ideas. This can also mean taking credit for an action or a reward that doesn't belong to us, which normally causes resentment and has a ripple effect.

Where does the desire to steal and be dishonest come from? It simply stems from convincing ourselves that we are not good enough and thinking that someone else has what we need. Asteya can also relate to not stealing other people's time and energy, for example by monopolising a conversation or gossiping. If we pursue what we desire without taking other people's needs into consideration, we rob ourselves of the joy of being able to shine. And nobody wants a dark cloud in their life, right?

Jealousy is what drives us to want what others have. It can become so intense that we can obsess over what someone else has and waste our energy trying to steal or copy it. It all boils down to being satisfied with what you have and not taking what is not freely given. So I encourage you to experience life just as it is with everything it has to offer.

Feel free to repeat this mantra that can help you feel enough and foster self-love: "I am enough". You can repeat it out loud or silently in your mind, knowing that your words have meaning and are powerful. This mantra's intention is to make you feel satisfied, whatever you did (or didn't do). You are enough! P.S. Next free class is next Saturday, get in touch here to join. Have a look at my services here and make fitness and yoga a part of your lifestyle.

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