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Find authenticity in yoga

Stepping on to your mat is like stepping in a safe space. Practicing yoga allows a spiritual freedom that connects your body and mind in a unique, fresh and raw way. This makes perfect sense as yoga in Sanskrit means ‘union’. Your yoga teacher is there to guide you and help you find your greatness, inside and out.

Being a conscientious yogi doesn’t mean you have to be super bendy, flexible, skinny or toned. It doesn’t even mean doing cool poses that are fit for social media. If you practice yoga consistently, it’s not because you should aim to become famous and popular. It’s because you love it and you benefit from it in some way.

Now, there are many yogis that are famous, popular and rich. They have something that no one else has. Authenticity. And people have recognised that in them and that’s why they pay to receive the yoga services these yoga teacher offer. There is nothing wrong with that. We have all done it and we have all learned a lot.

As we all know, it is common knowledge that some, if not all, of the quality is lost when the quantity increases. So the more busy and famous a yoga teacher is, the less they can pay attention to their individual students. And let’s face it, there is no individuality in YouTube videos. Anyone can watch them yet not anyone can receive the benefits this way as it’s too impersonal.

In recent times, there have been plenty of ‘free’ offerings going around in the form of Instagram and Facebook lives, YouTube – as previously mentioned, newsletters, challenges, webinars and the list goes on. These offers are great: they are free, they are accessible and you can revisit them as often as you need to.

There is one pretty big downside though. They are not designed nor adapted for you and your needs. The person that created them did not have you in mind; they had the average person in mind. And let’s admit it, you are nowhere near average. On the contrary, you are so unique your individual needs should be taken into account when you receive a product.

If you’re searching for authenticity, you will not find it in YouTube or Instagram videos. You will find it by going to live classes held by different teachers and trying different yoga styles. There are many brilliant yoga teachers that have massively suffered during this pandemic and their livelihood is threatened by all the free yoga out there. So let’s start supporting the individual that needs our help and stop feeding the greed monster that sees you as one in the crowd.

I will be very happy to talk to you more about this and find ways I can support you become healthy and adopt a lifestyle that embraces your uniqueness. One size does not fit all. Remember to support the authentic fitness professional that will inspire and look after you and will create a class or plan tailored to your needs.


P.S. Next free yoga class coming up next Saturday morning so please contact me here for the details. Donations are always welcome here and you can see my services, including a SPECIAL OFFER, here. Adios!

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