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Here's to new goals

So 2020 hasn't been a joyride due to the pandemic. But it's not really 2020's fault, right? Surely deep down we have the common sense to not blame a specific year for things going terribly wrong for most, if not all of us.

Instead of dwelling on what went wrong, let's focus on what went well. Try to remind yourself of all the small or big successes you had during this past year. There is certainly quite a lot to celebrate and most importantly the fact that if you're reading this, you are breathing and living.

We tend to measure success by all the material things we acquire or by how much money we earn. Now pause for a moment and think: is this truly success though? Are you really happy if you have lots of money in the bank but no one to share a life with or no friends to talk to? Are you successful if you have a great and important job but feel lonely when you go back home at the end of each day?

Let's start counting success by things we take for given: health, family, friends, food, a roof over our head, a job, hobbies, music, nature and so much more. And let's start setting new goals for the new year, goals that include multiplying these successes.

This year, let us spread positivity, smiles and kindness. This year, let us move away from misery, gossip and attachment.

My wish to you is to have your heart full. Because if your heart is full, then you are successful. Thank you for being with me through this journey.

🎆Happy New Year to all! 🎆


P.S. Last free power yoga class of 2020 coming next Saturday, contact me here if you want to join. You're welcome to make a donation here. Let's go with a bang!

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