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Taking yoga off the mat Part 3

The final step of the eight-limb path is Samadhi, the union with the whole that makes usexperience pure bliss. In simpler words, think of it as a suggestion to approach life and the obstacles it poses with one clear vision that will allow you to experience a state of joy and connectedness.

So far so good. But how does this translate into modern life? First of all, practicing Samadhi does not bring you into a permanent state of bliss. It takes dedication and an open mind to keep feeling liberated and free. Connecting with your inner knowledge does not happen by accident; it happens after training the mind.

Everyone, including you, is a soul, a spiritual being so that makes you part of the Universe. Once you leave your ego and pride aside, you will acknowledge that every being is also part of the same Universe: animals, nature, people you love and people you don’t like. And they are divine and unique too, just like you.

It’s a fact that our mind wants to judge, criticise and compare. If you can move past your ego and free yourself of attachments, you will slowly shed any feelings of anger and desire. You can then start connecting to your true self with clarity and surrender to a power greater than yourself.

Think about how every moment can become an opportunity for you to practice Samadhi (connection and pure bliss). Try to be present and have awareness of your feelings and thoughts. This will lead you to feel the love and satisfaction that comes with being self-aware.

Every person that I know needs to feel connected. Some may say it, some may hide it but it’s one thing that we all have in common. It is a deep rooted need of the human essence. So let’s peel off the layers to find our way back to ourselves.


P.S. No yoga class next Saturday but feel free to contact me here if you want to connect. Donations are always welcome here and you can see my services, including a SPECIAL OFFER, here. Namaste.

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