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This one’s for you Kirsty

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Hello beautiful people! In my previous post I mentioned I would tell you about the yoga teacher that made me fall in love with yoga. So yoga and I had a complicated relationship, as I’ve already explained. I kept doing yoga because I was curious and I liked the way I felt when I was practicing. However, there was something missing.

Until that day that I visited Kirsty’s class in a gym in Southwest London. It was the 25th November and I remember this as it was my name day so I gave myself a present: I went to the gym to practice yoga for an hour. Little did I know that that present would change my life. Forever.

I didn’t know anyone and no one knew me when I walked in the studio. And then this creature appeared with a smile on her face. She asked me my name and checked the register. It was Kirsty and she was the yoga teacher. The lights went off and the music was on and the yoga class started. And magic happened.

My body was flowing and my soul was singing. Everything just clicked for me. Kirsty’s voice had a sweetness in it and it made me feel like she was talking to me. During savasana, the final resting pose, tears were rolling down my cheek. It was a good thing the lights were off as it saved me the embarrassment. What had happened was a revelation and it then became clear to me. That yoga class was good for my body and my soul and that wasn’t something I could ignore.

Kirsty, if you’re reading this, you changed my life. You definitely changed it for the better and I felt obliged to tell you how much I appreciate it. Without your influence, I wouldn’t be where I am now, starting my yoga journey as teacher. So thank you. And I hope this blog makes you happy, just like it made me happy when I was writing it.

Namaste people!


P.S. You can see what Kirsty’s up to at

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