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Travelling is life

I recently went travelling for a few weeks. It was a much needed trip for various reasons. I went to Paris on my own first, for a few days, then London and then Los Angeles. At the very beginning of my trip and while I was sitting in a lovely little Parisian café, I realised: I hadn’t visited Paris in 22 years! How was that even possible?

Selfie at the parisian cafè to remember the feeling

I have missed travelling, connecting with people, smelling new smells – not all of them pleasant – seeing new images. Life is too good to waste it away. Travelling is life. It is crying, laughing, excitement. It gives me strength and courage to go on. You find yourself after you lose yourself.

I went to my travels a little lost. No, scrap that. I travelled lost. About who I was, what I was doing and what I wanted. I spent time with myself to rediscover what matters. I matter. My life is important. My dreams, my aspirations, my work, my feelings; they all matter.

This has nothing to do with others by the way. Disassociating myself from what others believe is one of my greatest accomplishments. It’s a continuous work in progress. As sociable beings, we are of course influenced by what others say or do. And that's why is imperative to take the time away to ourselves and do the work away from distractions.

What’s important is to build the emotional stamina and learn to use the tools that will help us believe in ourselves no matter what others believe about us. And I’m getting there, the progress is evident, although I'm playing the long game.

That’s why I travelled on my own, at least for the first part of my journey. I gave myself the opportunity to rediscover what matters inside of me while admiring what’s outside. Seeing all these new exciting places did miracles to my mood and my confidence.

What trip is your most memorable one? Where did you travel last? Have a think about how you felt when you visited a new place and hold on to that feeling, it can guide you through rough times. Happy holidays to all!


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