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Woman in search of purpose

A few weeks ago, I was part of a great group coaching session where we discussed purpose. As a person, I don't have only one purpose in my life as this can take many forms personally, professionally and holistically. However, having a sentence defining your purpose can give you focus and remind you of what's important in your world.

Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to be around other people and help them. I was a volleyball athlete so being a team player became second nature. My position was setter, so inevitably I was involved in every rally and I usually made the decisions about which player was going to get the ball next. Pretty cool right?

It was! But being the leader came with responsibility which stayed with me for the long term. I became a physical education teacher because I wanted to teach youngsters to look after their body and their mind equally. Every day, I was there trying to make them feel good about themselves while showing them that working on themselves comes with rewards, both physically and mentally.

Today my everyday life doesn't include teenage students anymore on a daily basis but I still have the need to improve people's lives through fitness, yoga, meditation and wellness. I like giving others tools, options and hope to manage whatever life throws their way through my love, knowledge and experience of my role. So what's in it for me? While they feel empowered and confident, I feel satisfied and successful seeing them transforming their lives.

My purpose hasn't always been clear or stayed the same. Life experiences, loss and pain have formed my vision and have ultimately given me the confidence and clarity to turn these into my strengths. And although I don't know where life will take me in the future, I consciously accept and acknowledge that my purpose will evolve, however the core vision will remain the same.

So here's my statement about my life's purpose: "The purpose of my life is to bring people together, empower them and give them tools to improve their lives through acceptance, knowledge and positive energy."

Go ahead and write you own purpose down, starting with 'The purpose of my life is...' and don't worry too much, there's no wrong or right. It doesn't have to be grand, different or the same sentence for the rest of your life, it will evolve and change with you along the way. You can then read it out loud and feel proud of who you have become and are.


Contact me here to book for Tuesday's class at 7.00 UK time and let the good times (and the vinyasa) flow!

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