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Summer, summer, summer!

I admit it, I am one of these people that love summer. I love going out and staying up late, I go to the beach, I swim in the sea, I take long walks, I drive around until it's night time, I drink cold drinks - mostly beer! - and I often meet new people with whom I exchange stories and experiences. I bloom during summer.

Give me summer!

Can you blame me for loving it? The weather is fantastic, at least where I am, and people are out and about all the time, whether working or on holidays. Everything seems better in the summer. You don't have to take my word for it. There are also scientific reasons we are happier in the summer. We eat fresh fruit and don't have to store fat, our body produces Vitamin D and fatigue and insomnia decrease since our sleep quality improves, to mention a few. Our exposure to light has such a huge effect on our biological clock. And let's not forget that our levels of serotonin and melatonin rise, which means we find ourselves in a better mood.

There are of course some cons with hot weather, especially if we are careless or ill-prepared. We often need to have the air-condition on, sometimes every day, which is bad for the environment and our breath quality. We can get sunburnt or have a heatstroke - yikes! - and if we're not careful, dehydration is looking at us in the eye. If we're really unlucky, we can get bitten by insects or sea creatures.

I tend to sweat a lot during the hot months and this doesn't come with its issues. My feet and arms get all slippery, making it difficult to even walk straight! I have to take regular showers and look after my personal hygiene and of course I wear sunglasses, a hat and light coloured clothes when I step outside. But none of this compares to the joy summer brings inside of me which is also depicted outside of me. The darkness of the winter is gone, my mood is lifted and my energy is boosted. I can cope with physical activities easier and my diet improves as I eat fresh and juicy produce from the motherland.

To conclude, let me brag a tad by saying I am lucky to be living in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Crete. If you haven't visited already, coming here will persuade you that Crete is unique. Don't forget to enjoy the nice weather my friends while it lasts. Till next time!


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