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Get back to having fun

Don’t you feel like we have forgotten how to have fun now that we’re all grown up? I sure do! We become so serious as we get older and our life is all about work, deadlines and commitments. There’s no time or energy, especially if you have children, for anything related to having a good time solo or with your partner.

As years go by, fun and carefree moments become so rare and precious. We forget to take time to ourselves, let alone have fun. If you look at children, now they know how to have fun and they do it without caring what anybody else thinks! Don’t you wish you could be more like that?

Well, you can. We all can. We can change our life’s narrative whenever and wherever we can because we have the freedom to choose our own path in life. What would happen if we tried to have fun with whatever we do? Sure, some tasks can be more tedious than others, but life isn't perfect. And we won't always succeed, sometimes we may sulk. But it’s important to not give up!

If you have a long commute to work, buy a new inspiring book to read. And if you’re driving there, listen to a funny or interesting podcast. If you are doing house chores, put your headphones on and listen to your favourite music and maybe throw some cool dance moves while you mop the floor.

Instead of waiting for things to magically change, make ways to spice up your life and have fun. Create memories, include the people you love and enjoy yourself. Pet a dog, get a massage, exercise, practice yoga, take a walk outside, meditate, plan a romantic evening, get a good night’s sleep.

And remember that laughter is the best medicine. It won’t treat ongoing health issues but it sure can relieve stress, improve low mood and show you a good time till your face hurts (in a good way)!


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