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Clearing the mind

Let’s think about how often we tend to replay the same thoughts over and over in our head. Thoughts that are nowhere near pleasant of course; on the contrary, we tend to particularly focus on a stressful or unpleasant event that belongs in the past. This process, also known as rumination, can be detrimental to mental health.

Rumination can also be about focusing on something that will happen in the future and worrying about it. The process of replaying the same negative thoughts can hugely impact on your mood and behaviour. It can create anxiety and rob you of having a carefree happy present.

Time to talk about the good stuff now. Clearing your mind helps you focus better on what matters, improves your state of mind and your overall wellness. Let’s see how we can try and eliminate the habit of rumination by using some simple yet effective ideas.

Here's a photo to help you with number 4.

1. Do some physical activity

Although I shouldn’t have to praise the benefits of physical activity, I will just mention that working out, whether it’s a HIIT session or a simple walk, significantly reduces feelings of anxiety or depression among other things.

2. Declutter

A good example is to start with your phone and delete all the contacts that you have in your address book and never use. You can then progress into the kitchen cupboards or your wardrobes. Fun!

3. Meditate

Practising regular meditation or mindfulness helps you become aware of the present moment and open your mind to new possibilities.

4. Connect with nature

Find a forest path or a beautiful park, go to the beach, smell the fruit or flowers and play with nature’s creature that are out there minding their own business.

5. Talk to your friends

Call your friends or loved ones to catch up. You don’t need a reason to connect with them.

6. Journal

Write about your day, your feelings, your goals and aspirations. Read it out loud and plan your next steps by jotting them down.

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