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Vision for the new year

It's accustomed to set intentions at the beginning of every new year. Some call them resolutions, others call them goals. I chose to call them vision this time and put them under one umbrella. This vision can guide you and help you grow, if you allow it to shape your experience. So grab a pen and paper or a phone or a laptop and let's see how you can create a brand new vision that you will embrace and make your own by writing everything down.

1. Relationships

Write down what you want, simple as that. Here are some ideas to get you started:

I want to feel heard

I want to start a new hobby with my partner

I want to feel mutual respect and admiration in all my relationships

I want to spend a day with my brother/sister/cousin

I want to be compassionate towards people

I want to feel secure in my relationship

And because relationships include the one you have with yourself:

I want to give myself the present of quality time when I need it

I want to visit a beautiful place by myself and ingest its beauty

I want to feel in sync with myself and in tune with my feelings

I want to be grounded

2. Health

Think about how you want your body and mind to be this year.

I want to be confident when I walk down the street

I want to feel good when I put on my clothes

I want my body to be healthy when I exercise

I want to wake up refreshed each morning

I want to keep a good posture throughout the day

3. Personal

Write down all the things that you want to achieve on a personal note and are willing to work towards.

I want to read more books and feel intrigued by the words I read

I want to be inspired in everything I do

I want to follow my dreams

I want to grow and learn when I struggle

I want to discover more possibilities

4. Financial and work

Remember to acknowledge your productivity and resilience when you put your vision in writing.

I want to have my finances in order

I want to go to work feeling content

I want to enjoy a great working environment

I want to feel organised

I want to feel like I have nothing to worry about

And how will you achieve a revolution in setting a vision? Firstly, seek out a journey and not an end point. If you commit to your vision, you make it a part of your everyday life. Try and avoid intentions that get broken quickly and be mindful about what you want to achieve. Let me know how you are getting on with your vision and if you have had any breakthroughs. If you want to dig deeper into your emotions, you can take a look at my shop here and choose the product that's right for you.

P.S. Get in touch here if you like what you read and want to find out more about how you can keep healthy in mind and body.

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